Gîte et maison d'hôtes


A house hanging in the mountain like a desire lingering in time...


On the Spanish an Andorran border there lies a luminous country: "Cerdagne". Its French half and its Spanish half are tied together by a common Catalan reality.

From its violent times to its most ancient myths everything lies engraved in its stones. Cerdagne, a country of sun and snow...


Llo is its most typical village. Dominated by a tower, the ruins of a castle, a hermitage, with winding gorges famed for their unique flora in Europe, their colonies of butterflies (Parnassium, Apollon) and their natural hot water baths.


As you wander along the paths, lost in your thoughts, you will come upon the Atalaya, nestling among mountain peaks and fields, a house welcoming all those in search of authenticity, open to "El Cant de la Terra", a well-known dancing tune too.


Romanesque churches and abbeys, Baroque retables, frescoes, a museum devoted to Cerdagne, music festivals in Hix, Llivia and Prades (Pablo Casals), markets, natural hot water baths, a rare flora, fishing in lakes and torrents, hiking, horseback riding, Alpine and cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, three golf courses nearby, gliding, the Principality of Andorra within a 45 minutes drive, Perpignan within one and a half hour drive, Barcelona within two hours drive.